Mobile Homes

Mobile homes require specifically certified systems to work properly

We created a separate and distinct category for mobile home equipment because of the unique demands placed on cooling and heating systems used in these applications. The primary difference between a mobile home air conditioning and heating system and a system designed for a site-built home is the way it is ducted, vented, and installed.

The ducting in a mobile home is smaller and therefore more restrictive, so the air conditioning blower must be a “High Static Design” to overcome the greater resistance to airflow. This ensures proper air delivery from each supply register. Standard air conditioners without the proper high static rating by the manufacturer will not provide proper air delivery in a mobile home application.

The most common air conditioning and heating system used for mobile or modular homes is called a package unit. The easiest way to determine if you have a package type system (or self-contained as they are sometimes called) is to look outside at your air conditioner. A package unit is larger and has 2 ducts connected directly to it. There is no indoor unit when you have a package unit. Everything you need is in one easy-to-install package.

Not all Package units are certified by the manufacturer to provide high static airflow. In fact, most are not. Improperly selected package systems have to work much harder to provide the proper air delivery throughout your home, increasing energy consumption and reducing life expectancy. Always ask for proof that the system proposed for your home is certified by the manufacturer for use in mobile homes.

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